Russia is currently in fourth position in Beijing Olympics. They currently hold 16 gold, 16 silver and 20 bronze in medal listings. Russia sent 470 athletes to compete in Beijing. They compete in all sports except Baseball, Football, Field Hockey, Softball and Taekwondo. Russian athletes made tremendous achievements in this Olympics. They break many World records and Olympic records in this Olympics. Their golden world record glamor Pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva won gold medal by breaking her own world record in this Olympics. List of medalist who grab the medals in Beijing are in the following,

1. Nazyr Mankiev

Russian wrestler Nazyr Mankiev won gold medal in Men’s Greco-Roman 55 kilogram Wrestling. He defeated Rovshan Bayramov of Azerbaijan in the final. In first period of the game, Bayramov scored 3 points by lifting Nazyr Mankiev. But immediately Mankiev scored final 4 points. In second period two are tied at 2. In last Mankiev won the last score. He defeated Iran’s three-time defending world champion Hamid Soryan in the quarterfinals. Mankiev is very powerful wrestler. He won the bronze medal in last World championship. By winning the gold medal in Beijing, he proved that he is the strongest man in the world.

2. Valeriy Borchin

Walker Valeriy Borchin won the gold medal in the Men’s 20km Walk in Beijing. It is the Russia’s first athletics gold of the Beijing Olympics. He defeated three-time world champion and Olympics gold medalist Jefferson Perez of Ecuador. Borchin moved ahead of Perez at the 18-kilometer mark and increased his lead over the final stages. He secured many achievements. He won the silver medal in the 20 km race at the 2006 European Championships and World Race Walking Challenge in 2008. Eventhough he served a one-year drugs ban in the 2005/06 season, at last he gain a gold crown in his head.

3. Elena Dementieva

Professional tennis player Elena Dementieva won the gold medal for women’s single tennis by defeating her country mate Dinara Safina. Double faults are the problems of Dementieva, but in the final she take the advantage of Safina’s 17 double faults. Elena Dementieva is currently in 5th seed in world rank position. Her carrier achievements are undefinable. She started her carrier at the age of 13 by winning the international tournament, Les Petit As, in France. In 2000, she reach in top 20 position and she became the first Russian woman to reach the US Open semifinals, but she defeated by Lindsay Davenport in semi final. In Sydeny Olympics she won silver medal. She suffered a shoulder injury in 2001. From this she altered her serve, adding slice and changing her motion. Due to this many people consider it the worst serve among the top players. 2004 is the breakthrough year of Dementieva. In this year, she defeated Venus Williams in the quarterfinals and Nadia Petrova in the semifinals in Miami tennis tournament. Due to this she reached in 6th seed in world. Now she won gold medal in Beijing Olympics.

4. Larisa Ilchenko

Eight time world champion of Russian’s favorite swimmer Larisa Ilchenko proved her worth by grabing a gold medal at the Women’s 10km Marathon Swimming Race at Beijing Olympics by defeating Keri-Anne Payne and Cassie Patten of Great Britain. She had wondefrful achievements in her carrer. She won her first world championship at the age of 16 in Dubai. In Napoli world championship, she become the 5k & 10k Open Water world champion. In 2006, leading American Swimming World magazine named her long distance swimmer of the year. She was also Open Water world champion in 2007. In Beijing Olympics, exploiting the smooth conditions of water she added a gold medal in her swimming carrer at the age of only 19.

5. Anastasia Davydova and Anastasia Ermakova (Synchronized swimming Team)

World’s no 1 ranking holders in synchronized swimming, Anastasia Davydova and Anastasia Ermakova of Russia won their third Olympic gold medal in synchronized swimming duet in Beijing Olympics by defeating the team of Spain and Japan. Both are three times Olympic champions and are very talented. They who won Duet and Team gold in synchronized swimming at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. The result of the Beijing Olympics is the repetition of Melbourne 2007 World Championship. Because the top eight teams finishing in the same order as Melbourne World Championship. Spain won the silver and Japan won the bronze in this game. By winning the gold medal, Davydova and Ermakova proved that they are world’s no 1 synchronized swimmers.

6. Andrey Silnov

Andrey Silnov won the gold medal in men’s high jump at the Beijing Olympics by defeating Britain’s Germaine Mason and Yaroslav Rybakov of Russia. He jumped in 2.36 meters long. Silnov started his carrer at the age of 7. His father was a miner and his mother is a factory worker. He has two coaches named Sergey Starykh and Yevgeniy Zagorulko. He made many achievements in his carrier. He won gold medal at the 2006 European Championship. He was not elected in Russian team for Olympics at first. Because Silnov finished fourth in Russia’s national championships in Kazan. But at last he jumped a new personal best of 2.38, in the London and was selected to join in the Russian team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Now in Beijing, he won gold medal for his country.

7. Olga Kaniskina

Russian race walker Olga Kaniskina won the gold medal in the 20 km walk in Beijing Olympics. She finished the event amidst the rain with a new Olympic record. Her carrier achievements are undefinable. He took silver medal in European Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2007, she won the gold medal at the World Championships in Osaka, Japan. In the Russian Indoor Championships in 2008 she won the first place with world record of 1:25:42. But this record does not stand.Because IAAF rules require that three official judges must be present during the race for a world record to be recognized and there weren’t any international judges at the event. However in Beijing, she broke the Olympic record with time 1:26:31and won the gold medal for her country.

8. Yelena Isinbayeva

The golden world record glamour of Yelena Isinbayeva won gold medal in Pole vault with world record of 5.05m. She broke her own world record and won second consecutive Olympic gold medal in Beijing. She also won gold medal in Athens Olympics. In Pole vault, she set 23 world records and won eight straight gold medals in indoor and outdoor championships. Also she has been selected IAAF Female Athlete of the Year in 2004 and 2005. In July 2005, Isinbayeva broke the world record four times. Isinbayeva is formally an officer in the Russian army, and on August 4, 2005 she was given the military rank of senior lieutenant. Her father is a plumber and a member of a small ethnic group of Tabasarans. Her mother is a shop assistant. They had to make many financial sacrifices for her carrer. By winning the gold medal in Beijing, she proved that she is the one of the most successful athletes of her generation.

9. Buvaisar Saitiev

Russian freestyle wrestler Buvaisar Saitiev won gold medal in 74 kg freestyle wrestling event in Beijing Olympics. He defeated the Uzbekistan’s Soslan Tigiev in the final. He made enoromus achievements in his carreer. He won nine world-level gold medals in freestyle wrestling. He also won gold medals in Athens and Atlanta Olympics. He also won silver medal in Sydeny Olympics. He is a six-time world champion and a three-time Olympic champion. He was named the Freestyle Wrestler of the Year by the international wrestling ruling body in 5 times. After finishing secondary school Saitiev went to the Russia’s strongest freestyle wrestling school. His technical skills and capacity for work are remarkable and he became a member of Russia’s national squad. Buvaisar has been decorated with the Order of Friendship by the Russian president. Now in Beijing, he added a golden crown for his country.

10. Andrey Moiseev

Andrey Moiseev won the gold medal in the men’s modern pentathlon in Beijing Olympics. By winning this medal he became second man to successfully defend in this event. He scored scored 5,632 points. He led after the first four disciplines - shooting, fencing, swimming and equestrian. He take 21 seconds in 3000 m running. He is also gold medalist in Athens Olympics. He won the European championships this year. Edvinas Krungolcas and Andrejus Zadneprovskis of Lithuania won silver and bronze in this competation.

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South Korea currently got 10 gold medals.The country got a total of 26  medals.It is in the eighth position in the ranking.South Korea competes in Beijing Olympics representing Korea.Taekwondo, an Olympic sporting event is originated in South Korea.It is regarded as the world’s most popular martial arts.Their national foot ball team is regarded as the most successful team in Asia.It currently holds the FIFA world cup.In 1998 South Korea hosted the Summer Olympics in Seoul.They were in the fourth position in this Olympics with 12 gold medals,10 silver medals and 11 bronze medals.They comes in the top 10 countries in the Olympic games.They perform very strongly in archery, shooting, table tennis, badminton, short track speed skating, handball, freestyle wrestling, judo, taekwondo, and football .Some of the winners in Beijing Olympics from South Korea are listed below.

1.Choi Min-ho

South Korean judoka Choi Min-ho won the gold medal in the men’s 60 Kg at the Beijing Olympics.In the final match at the Beijing science and technology University Gymnasium Choi Min-ho faced world number 1 champion Ludwing Paischer of Austria.He threw him within 2 minutes and 14 seconds.Thus he won the first gold medal for South Korea for at Beijing.In his route to the final he beat all his opponents.Ha became the champion after Kim Jae Yeop for the same event.Kim was the champion of 1998 Seoul Olympics.He won the bronze medals at the Busan Asian Games in 2002.He finished second in the men’s 50m pistol event at the Athens Olympics in 2004.He was born in Gimcheon, yeongsangbuk-do, South Korea.He won a gold medal in 60 kg at 2003 Osaka world championships.

2. Park Tae-Hwan

Park Tae-Hwan ,a member of South Korean swimming team based in Taereung, Seoul is known as marine boy.He is only 18 years old.He won one gold medal and one silver medal for South Korea.He received the gold medal in 400 meter freestyle relay and thus ended the dominance of Australia for this event at Olympics.He touched within 3 minutes and 41.86 seconds. His silver medal is for 200m freestyle.He qualified for the Athens Olympics in 1500m freestyle.But he was disqualified by a false start in the preliminary heats.When he was young he suffered asthma.So the doctor recommended him to start swimming.His parents enrolled him at a local pool and thus his swimming career begins.He won gold medals for 200m,400m and 1500m freestyle in Asian games.

3.Joo Hyun-Jung,Park Sung-Hyun,Yun Ok-Hee (Women’s Archery team)

The South Korean team consisting of Joo Hyun-Jung,Park Sung-Hyun,Yun Ok-Hee won the gold medal for the Women’s Team Archery.They set a new 24 arrow record by shooting 231 Points.Park Sung-Hyun, a world champion archer born in Gunsan.She holds a record in 70m-72 arrow round at Athens Olympics.Her team wins gold medals in 2004 and in 2008 at Olympics.She also won a silver medal in women’s individual archery at Beijing.She represented Korea in 2004 Olympics with 1st in the womens individual .Joo Hyun-Jung, a professional archer with 664 points ,9 points behind Park Sung-Hysun.In the semifinal they scored 213 points against France.In the final they fight against China,they came with 215 points, but South Korea won the Gold medal by defeating China.Yun Ok-Hee, who won the bronze medal for Individual Archery is also a part of this gold winning archery team.She was only 6 points behind Park Sung-Hysun.This gave her second seed for the final.

4.Im Dong-Hyun,Lee Chang-Hwan,Park Kyung-Mo (Men’s Archery Team)

South Korea has taken the gold medal for the Men’s team archery at Beijing.The women’s team also won the gold medal.Im Dong-Hyun,Lee Chang-Hwan,Park Kyung-Mo are played in the men’s team.It is the third consecutive gold medal of South Korea for this event.They defeated Italians with 227 points.Im Dong-Hyun, a South Korean archer, sets a world record in the 72 arrow men’s individual ranking round.In the quarterfinals he was defeated by Hiroshi Yamamoto of Japan.He was also a member of archery team in 2004 Olympics .In Beijing he finished his ranking round with a total of 670 points, nine points behind leader Juan René Serrano.Lee Chang-hwan competed in 2006 Asian games and won gold medal for the men’s team.Park Kyung-Mo participated in 2004 and 2008 Olympics.He won a silver medal for Individual archery.In the quarterfinal fo 2004 Olympics he faced Tim Cuddihy of Australia and thus he is defeated.

5.Jin Jong-oh

South Korea’s Jin Jong-oh won the gold medal in men’s 50m pistol shooting.He scored 8.2 of a possible 10.9 points on final.He win the match by just 0.2 points.He was born in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, South Korea.Kim Yoo Sik is his coach.He won a silver medal in the 50 meter pistol at Athens Olympics.In 2006 he received gold medals in 50 meter pistol and 10 meter pistol at world cup.In the 2007 Asian championships he got a silver medal for the same event.Now he earned one gold and silver medal at Beijing.He won the silver medal for men’s 10m air pistol.

6.Sa Jae-Hyouk

Sa Jae-Hyouk , a South Korean weightlifter was born in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do.Sa Jae-Hyouk won the gold medal in men’s 77 kg weightlifting at Beijing Olympics.He defeated Chinese veteran Li Hongli with bodyweight advantage.Thus South Korea stopped China’s gold rush in weightlifting.China had previously won all six records.It was South Korea’s first gold medal in the weightlifting competition.He lifted a total of 366 kg in the competition.He first lift 201 kg to secure silver and then jerked 203 Kg to grab the gold.He tried to lift 211 Kg to create a world record , but failed.He was a junior world champion of 69 Kg in 2005.In 2007 world weightlifting championships he ranked fifth in the 77 Kg category with a total of 353 Kg.

7.Jang Mi-Ran

South Korean female weightlifter Jang Mi-Ran won the gold medal for Women’s weightlifting in 75 plus kilogram .She broke the record for that event by lifting 318 Kg.The previous world record was owned by Chinese Tang Gonghong in 2004 Olympics.She was the first South Korean womens to set a world record in women weighlifting.At the Athens Olympics she finished second to China’s Tang Gongho by 2.5 Kg.She took up weightlifting at the age of 17.Her father nad sister also involved in the same field.Her coach, Kim Hae-Kwang realize her talent and conducted an effective training program as she improved.She won a silver medal in 75 plus category at 2004 Olympics .She also achieved gold medals in World championships also.

8.Lee Yong-dae, Lee Hyo-jung (Badminton Mixed doubles)

Lee Yong-dae,Lee Hyo-jung won the mixed doubles badminton tournament in Beijing Olympics with gold medal.They defeated world champions Liliyana Nastir and Nova Widianto of Indonesia.Lee Hyo-jung is a female badminton player from South Korea.She also wons the badminton doubles for women at Beijing with a silver medal.In the finals they beat world champions by 21-11,21-17.She also competed in mixed doubles with Kim Yong-hyun.Lee Yong-dae is a male badminton player born in Hwasun, Jeollanam-do.At the age of 19 he proved himself as a good player.He started his career at his school at the age of 8.When he is at the age of 15 ,he became a member of national South Korean team in 2003 .He won the world championships in 2007 in Men’s doubles with a silver medal.He also won silver in Asian games 2006.He becoming one of the youngest gold medalists in Olympic badminton.The pair became more successful.

9.Lim Su-Jeong

Lim Su-Jeong is a female South Korean Taekwondo practitioner.She won the gold medal for the 57 Kg Taekwondo event at Beijing Olympics.She defeated Azize Tanrikulu of Turkey for the score 1-0.She qualified for the 2008 Beijing Olympics by finishing 1 st place in the 57 Kg category at the world qualification Tournament in England.In 2007 she won the gold medal in featherweight at the 24th Summer Universities in Bangkok.When was 16 years old she won the gold medal in flyweight at the Asian games in 2002.In this match she defeated Yaowapa Boorapolchai of Thailand.Both of them opened slowly.Lim was deducted a point for passivity.Lim scored a kick in the second round ti go for the third round ans she scored the winning kick with only 20 seconds left.

10.Son Tae-Jin

Son Tae-Jin , a South Korean Taekwondo practitioner was born in Gyeongsangbuk-do.He first competed in World Taekwondo Championships in Beijing at the age of 19.But he defeated by Algimiro Mejias of enezuela in the bantamweight first round.In September he finished first place in the 68 Kg category of world qualification Tournament in England.In May 2008 he qualified for the Beijing Olympics ,by defeating Asian game winner Kim Ju Young .He had a lead in the first round scoring two points with roundhouse kicks.In the last round the two of them launched a series of rounds and got one point to each other during the fight.A low kick sent Son to the mat in the third round, and when he got up both fighters traded kicks, bringing the score to 2-2. Son then scored with one second remaining to take the gold.

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India is one of the risen country in this Summer Olympics 2008. This will be one of the greatest time that India ever had from the History of Olympics. Till now there is 2 medals on the list and one medal for sure and the remaining matches will present silver or gold. Now this will be the time that Indians stood together to cheer for India. The historic Gold medal for India has changed the status and spirit to a new level for all the Indians. From that moment everyone began to think that ‘we can’ in the future. After a span of 30 years, Indian national Anthem have been heard in this Summer Olympics 2008. Its been first time in India that Indians giving attentions and showing spirit to other events other than Cricket. India had sent many participants for the Olympics in various fields. Lets check out the Olympic medal achievers from India.

1. Abhinav Bindra

He is the man who raised the pride of India. He won gold in 10m Air rifle thereby ending the decade’s long hunger of an individual gold for India. He is from Chandigarh and from an affluent Sikh family. He is very much educated, he holds a BBA degree. He is the current CEO of his highly reputed company Abhinav Futuristic, a PC games peripherals distributor based in Chandigarh. He is very much indulged and a hard worker for shooting from his earlier ages. He used to practice for 12 to 14 hrs a day in the shooting range. His hard work and dedication paid him many awards and a big one that changed his life i.e. Olympic award in 2008. By that he became the brightest young star in the new breed of shooters. His medal hunt started at the age of 15 in commonwealth games in 1998. He was the youngest participant in that game. He received Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna and Arjuna awards for his performance. Thus he became the first Indian to score an individual gold at the Olympics after 28 years, since the mens Hockey team won the gold at the 1980 Moscow Olympics. All the state governments of India announced their gratitude and rewards for Abhinav.

2. Sushil Kumar

Sushil Kumar is one of the Indian wrestler who brought smiles on the faces of millions of Indians all over the world by his Bronze medal just after Abhinav Bindra thereby adding the second one in the medal count for India. Sushil bagged bronze for his event Wrestling in 66kg category freestyle event. India has to wait for a long haul of 56 years for any medals in this event after after KD Jadhav brought glory at Helsink. Sushil kumar isfrom a very poor family in New Delhi. His father is a MTNL bus driver. Sushil got inspiration from his cousin Sandeep and mainly from his father who was a wrestler before. He struggled hard to get into that position. He was trying for 10 years to get into Olympics and practiced day night for that. His family supported him to their fullest. They were very much concerned about his diets and gives healthy foods like tinned foods, Ghee and vegetables. He got many offers of cash prizes by many ministries and organisations.

3. Vijender Kumar

Vijender Kumar is the new champ from the world of Boxing who assured Bronze medal till now. He reached quarter finals and ensured another medal for India at the Beijing Olympics when he beat Ecuador in the quarter-finals of the 75 kg category in the boxing. Vijender is all geared up for the quadrennial event as he recently stunned Olympic gold medalist Bakhtiyar Artayev of Kazakhstan in the quarter-finals of the AIBA President’s Cup boxing tournament. His earlier life was also filled with poverty . His father was a Bus driver and worked overtime for Vijenders coaching early time. Seeing his talent India’s national boxing coach Gurbux Singh Sandhu came forward to coach him at an institute of Sports Authority of India (SAI) in Patiala.

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China is the host country of this Summer Olympics 2008. They have done a tremendous job for the promotion and the inaugurating ceremony was outstanding too. The stadiums for various events have been arranged in such a manner that no one would point out any drawbacks. Being the host, they are the only competitors for USA. According to todays statistics they are the runner up for only 3 points. China is the no:1 country in the hunt of gold medals. Till now they have acquired a total of 44 golds whereas USA has 26. They set their monopoly in Weightlifting and Gymnastics artistic. They are weak in tracks when compared to USA and Russia. Some of the top 5 medalist from China have been listed below.

1. CHENG Fei

Cheng Fei is one of the youngest Gymnast of China. She is very much talented in her field. She is young and there is lots of time to prove again that she is best in Gymnastics. She captured many audience and their support by her event. She won for her first major balance beam titles at the Good Luck Beijing International Invitational. She was born into a “workers family” in Chinas Huangshi . She started training Gymnastics at the age of three. She is very much practiced in vault and its her trademark. She has won three consecutive world championships on Vault. Cheng won her first gold at the 2005 worlds. She continue to win for major vaulting competition she has entered. Chinese womens are very strong in their events like uneven bars and balanced beam. But Cheng is opposite to it. She has very strong leg. The coach and the superiors of Gymnastics found this phenomenon in her and utilized it to the fullest by giving training for her in vault and floor exercise . The result was positive for last Olympics. Cheng Fei is a superstar on the Chinese women’s team. With five World gold medals, she’ll lead the Chinese towards their ultimate goal in Beijing.In this summer Olympics she acquired 1 team gold and two Bronze golds.

2. GUO Jingjing

Guo is known as the Chinese Diving queen. She has dived in many events and made records in most of the diving events. She has set the monopoly in diving events even if it is in pairs. She claimed the title of women’s 3m springboard in this summer Olympics. She is endorsing many brands and are very familiar to Chinese people . Her flexes and cut out have been fixed out in all of the shopping malls of China. She started diving at the age of six at the Baoding Training base. Her fortune began to glorify after that when she got selected for the Chinese National team at 1992. She is been trained by Zhong Shaozhen. She is very much concerned about her diet and takes fat free foods daily and work outs daily. For this summer Olympics 2008 she won two golds, one for 3m Springboard and Synchroboard. Till now her medal counts only gold and silver without any bronze.

3.CHEN Yibing

Chen is the number one Chinese Gymnast in the event Still rings. His rock steady body is one of the major factor for his stability in the rings. He faced one accident when he was practicing in podium training. He suffered a minor neck injury and recovered from it. It was a struggling time in his life to get back into his field. His strong mind and dedication payed for him. He managed to comeback and won two golds in 2007 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. For this Summer Olympics also he worked very hard and topped gold in rings and team competition.

4. ZHANG Juanjuan

Zhang Juan is one of the top Archer that China have. Her concentration is very much praised all over and her aiming ability also. Zhang represented China for the last Summer Olympics 2004 in Athens. But last Olympics did not strike any medals for Zhang. She was placed by 5th position that time. It became a challenge for her and worked hard for her destiny. It worked for her very well. She has some world records that had created at the same year at Zhengzhou National Championships and Myanmar Asian  Championships. For this summer Olympics 2008 she had acquired one gold for individual archery and two silver medal for the team.

5. LIN Dan
Lin Dan is the top ranked badminton player from China. He has been sustaining in the number one position since 2004. Lin Dan has set his monopoly in Badminton all these years. He stated Badminton at the age of 5. Lin Dan has helped a lot to raise the pride of his country by his event. He has to face some controversies for his behavior in and out field. His fans had nicknamed him as Superdan by his performances. He is an officer in the liberation army in China. HE won his first Olympic Gold in this Summer Olympics 2008 for Badminton Singles.

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The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games emblem is filled with Beijing’s hospitality and carries the city’s commitment to the world. Olympics is a symbol of harmony amongst nations.Germany is now in fifth position in the medal’s table.Germany is one of the most successful Olympic nations. Several German medal candidates will be taking part in the Beijing Games. Currently Germany have ten gold, I think It’s a biggest enourmous achievement in Germany. A few details of medalists.


Fourth day of the Beijing,the judo competition, there are 14 weight classes, This day is very conclusive Match. In this competition.German ole Bischof, who won the olympics gold medals in the men’s 81 kilogram judo,defeating Asian champion Kim Jae-bum in the final.Judo is a good fitness program.The Ole Bischof performances is one of the most spectacular and he is a biggest surprise of Germany.Ole Bischof won his first gold in judo after stunning world champion Brazilian Tiago Camilo.


She is a golden swimmer in Germany. she’s won two Olympic gold medals in beijing olympics 2008. She won 50m Freestyle and other 100m Freestyle. Britta Steffen gold medal with a new Olympic record of 24.06 seconds. definitely,The full credit to Britta she swam a fantastic race and delightful performences.In August 2006, she became the world record holder for the women’s 100m freestyle during the World Championships in Budapest. Britta is also a part of the German 4×100m relay team which won a medal at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.


Alexander Grimm of Germany has won the gold medal in single kayak slalom,his country’s first medal at the Olympics.In semifinal he finished fourth round then he qualified in the the final and now he finished first and won the Olympic gold medal.Grimm,ranking level is three in the world,won in a combined time of 171.70 seconds.There were three rounds of competitions.Grimm’s a perfect racer in the competition.Grimm’s hunt is very successful and he is a great gift of Germany.


Hinrich Romeike of Germany won the gold medal in the individual three-day eventing.Hinrich Romeike,riding his Marius such a wonderful fastest horse.Germany had once again proved our performance and it has a great effort.He completed a perfect round in the final jumping component.performance, that was good enough to earn them victory.Romeike won two gold medals in the beijing olympics 2008.One of individual three day evening and other evening team equestrian.


Germany won the first Olympic Eventing Team gold medal in the three-day eventing. Germany finished on 166.10 penalty points.Germany won the first two Olympic equestrian gold medals,winning both the team and individual three-day eventing competitions.Hinrich Romeike on Marius, Ingrid Klimke on Abraxxas, Peter Thomsen on The Ghost of Hamish, Andreas Dibowski on Butts Leon and Frank Ostholt on Mr Medicott won their country’s third gold of the Beijing Olympics.I think that looks a great team work and it has a sweet revenge.


Germany has won the gold medal in the dressage team event.Germany’s Heike Kemmer, Isabell Werth and Nadine Capellmann are the Gold medals in dressage team.Germany’s the three riders are perfect rise in this competition. Great team work, well trained horse and great victory.Equestrain dressage team competition Kemmer heike won by the bronze medal.Kemmer won by the two medals in the beijing olympics 2008.The German Dressage Championships Kemmer placed fifth in the ladies competition and performed a freestyle that gave her a seventh place at the championships.The beijing Olympics is a good achievement in her future.


Germany’s Benjamin Philip Kleibrink won the gold medal in the men’s individual fencing match with a great victory over Japan’s Yuki Ota.The match is very conclusive competition.Kleibrink was speedy and executed pretty smart attacks.The tough matches at last the left-hander Kleibrink in the battle for gold.He is very dazzling performer in the fencing competition. The 2007 World Fencing Championships Men’s foil team he won by silver and individual competition he won by gold in the same Championshhips.


Germany’s women epeeist Britta Heidemann, her goal for the Beijing Games is to win a medal.The match beating the Romanian Maria Branza. Heidemann won her first major fencing competition in 2001. Heidemann was the runner-up for the German fencing championship in 2002 and 2004. The fencing match germany have a double gold and It’s a biggest surprise of germany.


Jan Frodeno of Germany has won the men’s triathlon. Whitfield led momentarily just a few yards from the finish line, but Frodeno raced past him to win by about 5 seconds.Jan’s best result was placing sixth in the 2007 World Championships. His gold medal win at the 2008 Olympics was a greatest surprise Frodo is a great athlete and he’s always been fairly consistent in the top fives in World Cups. His gold medal surprise came a day after his 27th birthday.


Chusovitina Oksana won a silver medal on valut.It’s a first individual olympics medal.She is the only top female vaulter in the world. Her first competition for Germany was the 2006 World Championships, where she won a bronze medal on the vault. she keeps doing it and win more medals. She has way more than nice lines. commanding in her movements. She’s a beautiful gymnast.


Mirko Englich won a silver medals of the men’s 96kg Greco-Roman wrestling.This medals are the best moment of Mirko future.I think it’s a super heavyweight competition.It’s a very tough physically demanding activity,freestyle is, internationally the most popular form and is practiced alongside greco roman in the Olympics. Mirko is the good performer in this competition.


He is a world record holder in Rapid Fire Pistol shooter.Schumann of Germany has won the silver medal of Rapid Fire Pistol shooter.The competition very tight finish at the Beijing Shooting Hall.Schumann,shot the best score in the final,but one-point deficit against Petriv in the qualification round. schumaan also owns two other gold medals in 1992. Schumann’s most notable performance in the Sydney Olympics in 2000.


Cycling is the most prestigious sporting event in the world.This race was a 40 kilometre, 160 lap race. Klude Roger of Germany, has won the silver medal of Track Cycling Men’s Points Race.Kulge also participate the other competition.He is a Professional racing cyclist.He is a third in World Cup championship Track on Madison,Los Angeles and first in Stage 4 Berliner Rundfahrt, U23, Birkenwerder. He is very the fastest racer and the silver medal is the biggest achievment in roger’s future.


Patrick Hausding and Sascha Klein of Germany has won the silver medals of the men’s 10m platform synchronized diving competition. Both are excellent performance in the diving and high score in the diving level but final round russians overtake and earn a silver medal in patrick, sascha.


she is a skeet shooter, Brinker Christine of Germany won by the Bronze Medal in women’s skeet shooting. Weltcup-Finale 2007 in Belgrad,she is eighth position and the Weltcup 2008 Kerrville USA,she is sixth position in this competition. She well trained shooter. Brinker also own one gold in 2007 ISSF World Shotgun Championships were held in Nicosia.It was a great match and it’s really been a great experience to Brinker.


She is very good sport shooter.Dorjsuren of Germany won by the Bronze medal in 25-meter pistol shooting competition with a score of 789.2. Dorjsuren is also a part of the 25m Pistol competition which won a silver medal at the European Championships in 2007 Granada and the other 25m pistol competion won a Bronze medal at the European Championships in 2005 Belgrade.She also owns two other gold medals in 1998 and 2002. She is a dazzling performer in this field.This achievment is one of the biggest future in Dorjsuren.


Germany has won another medal in the beijing olympics. Theoms Lurz won by the bronze medal in the men’s 10-kilometre open water swim.Lurz and finishing only 0.3 seconds behind gold medalist.Lurz was very good swimmer especially open water swimmer. He also owns more medals in the other competition. He won a gold medal at the 2006 European Championships in Aquatics in Budapest and Winner of the European Open Water Competition 2005.He is winning gold at the 2004 and world championships as well as a World Cup victory in Dubai earlier this year.


Reitz won by the Bronze medal in the Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Final of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.The German ace shooters Ralf Schumann and Christian Reitz took the silver and bronze with 779.5 and 779.3 points. Christian Reitz is one of the great pistol shooter. He was also winning two World  cup competitions and the other victories in the 2006 ISSF World Shooting Championships and the 2007 European Championships.


Germany is won by the silver medal in the Men’s Team Table Tennis Final.The first one Boll Timo,he is ranked number four as of 2007.Boll won the 2007 European Championship.The second
Dimitrij,world ranked number fourteen.He also participate more more competition.The third one is SUSS Christian.he is ranked 40 in the world by the International Table Tennis Federation. Germany tennis team excellent team work and great performances in this competition. The silver is the better way of the future.


Germany has won another medal in the beijing olympics.Annekatrin Thiele and Christiane Huth of Germany won by the silver medal in the women’s double sculls rowing competition.The competition very tough and Germany grabbed the silver with a narrow pass to gold, being just .01 seconds behind the winning time. Both are great start and well trained and have a great experience to this field.

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Australia is currently in the fifth position.Australia currently won 11 gold medals.Now the country got a total of 37 medals.Australia participated in 26 sports with 433 competitors.It is the second largest team participating in Olympics after the 2004 Olympics in Athens.Australian athlete competed in every games of Beijing Olympics 2008.They failed to qualify in baseball and handball. In Athletics there is 40 representatives fromAustralia.Australia’s Stephanie Rice wons 3 gold medals in Beijing.She wons the gold medal by breaking several records.Their mens and womens team won the gold medal for the rowing event.Some of the Beijing Olympics medalists are listed below.

1. Stephanie Rice

The Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice is one of the greatest swimmer of this generation. She was born in Brisbane,Queensland. At the age of twenty, she holds two world records in Swimming. She is trained by Michael Bohl from the St Peters Western Swimming Club in Brisbane. She won three gold medals in the Olympics at Beijing in this year. Her first gold medal is for 400m individual medley with the record time 4 minites 29.45 seconds. In this process she broke the record of Hoff . Her second gold medal is for 200m individual medley , also with a new world record time of 2 minutes 8.34 seconds. She won her third gold medal for 4 x 200 metre freestyle relay team.

2.Libby Trickett

Libby Trickett ,an Australian veteran was born in Townsville, Queensland .She holds several world records for swimming.She is one among Australia’s top swimmers.She wons a gold and bronze medal in 2004 Olympics.She received 5 gold medals at 2007 World Championships .She finished women’s 100m butterfly stroke at 56.73 ,and thus grabbing the gold medal for this vent.This was her first Olympics Gold medal for this event.She also got a bronze medal for 4×100m freestyle relay.She finished second in the 100m freestyle .She got a silver medal for that event.She just loss the first position from Britta Steffen of Germany.She was overwhelmed by her achievement.

3.Leisel Jones

Leisel Jones is famous for employing a classical breaststroke technique and also by her slow starts. She is an Australian Olymbic gold medalist swimmer born in Katherine, Northern Territory. She is off to her third Olympics at the age of 22.At the age of 15 she participated in 2000 Olympics. She sets her world records in the 100m and 20m breaststroke. She achieved gold and silver medals in 2004 Olympcs and two silver medals in 2000 Olympics. In Beijing Olympics she grabbed two gold medals and one silver medal. She got the gold medal in 100 breaststroke with record time 1:05:17 . She defeats Rebecca Soni by 1.66s. She received another gold medal for 4×100 metre medley relay. Her silver medal is for 200m breaststroke.

4. Emma Snowsill

Emma Snowsill is a professional triathlete and three times world champion. She is popularly regarded as the greatest female triathlete of all time. She got a gold medal at 2000 Sydney Youth Olympic festival triathlon at the age of 16. Her next amazing performance was in Gamagori ,Japan . She became the a double world champion . She won a gold medal at Beijing Olympics in 1 hour 58 minites 27 seconds. She defeated Portugal’s Vanessa Fernandes. Emma Moffatt won the bronze medal. Emma Moffatt is her teammate.This event served as a final tune up fo the triathletes. In addition to 40 professionals more than 3000 athlets participated in this event representing their on countries.

5.Stephanie Rice ,Bronte Barratt,Kylie Palmer,Linda MacKenzie (Women’s 4×100m freestyle relay team)

Australian women’s relay team won the gold medal for the 4×100m freestyle relay in Beijing Olympics.Felicity Galvez ,Angie Bainbridge ,Melanie Schlanger ,Lara Davenport were also participated in this event.There were 16 nation competing in this event.Stephanie Rice is one of the greatest swimmer of this generation.She was born in Brisbane,Queensland. At the age of twenty, she holds two world records in Swimming.She also received two other gold medals in Beijing Olympics.Bronte Barratt is a Australian competitive swimmer.She has won several world records.She swam after Stephanie Rice and before Kylie Palmer,Linda MacKenzie.Kylie Palmer is also a part of this team.She represented Australia in the 2006 Commonwealth games.She was the fastest of her team.Linda MacKenzie is a great Australian freestyle swimmer.She was a part of the 4×200m freestyle relay team in 2006 Commonwealth games which receives gold medal.Felicity Galvez , a great Australian swimmer was a member of Australia’s gold winning relays 4×100m and 4×200m.Angela Bainbridge,Lara Davenport are specialized in 200m event.Melanie Schlanger , a freestyle swimmer also a member of the 4×100m relay.She receives gold in that event also.

6. Drew Ginn , Duncan Free (Men’s coxless pair)

Drew Ginn and Ducan Free from Australia won the gold medal in men’s coxless pair in Beijing Olympics.The rowing was a sweep event.The competition consist of multiple rounds.The thirs and final round are the finals.Ginn is a defending Olympics champion in this .He is a triple Olympic gold medalist.In the 2004 Olympics he won the gold medal for the same event.Duncan free is also an Australian rower and he was born in Hobart, Tasmania but currently lives on Queensland’s Gold Coast.He was a member of Australia’s quad cells from 1996 Olympics to 2004.They won the world championships at 2006 and 2007.Now they won the Olympic gold medal also.Because of their previous victories they were pre -selected to compete for Australia in Beijing Olympics.

7.Scott Brennan,David Crawshay (Men’s double sculls rowing Team)

Scott Brennan and David Crawshay are famous Australian rowers.Their team won the gold medal for the men’s double sculls rowing event in the Beijing Olympics.The duo were participated in Australia’s quadruple scull team which finished seventh at the Athens Games in 2004.They were participated in men’s double scull last year .But they finishes in the eighth position.They finished within the time of 6:27.77 and giving Australia its second Rowing gold of the Beijing Olympics. Estonia’s Tonu Endrekson and Juri Jaanson finished in 6:29.05 to take silver.The Australian pair did not lose the race throughout the competition.

8.Eamon Sullivan

Eamon Sullivan is great swimmer and a great hope for Australia. After brokie the world record for 50mfreestyle, he became the fastest swimmer in the world. He was born in Perth, Western Australia. He won the gold medal for 4×100m medley and a silver for 4×100m freestyle in Commonwealth games in 2006. He got 3 medals in Beijing Olympics. He is the current world record holder of the men’s 100m freestyle with a time of 47.05 seconds. He is the silver medalist of 100m freestyle. He also won the bronze medal for Men’s 4 x 100 m Freestyle Relay . It is the greatset awimming relay race in history. For 4×100 m medley relay he got a silver medal also.

9.Nathan Wilmot , Malcolm Page ( Men’s 470 class sailing)

Men’s 470 class competition in Beijing Olympics took places in between August 11 and 18.Australian team Nathan Wilmot and Malcome Page won the gold medal for this event.In women’s 470 event Australian Tessa Parkinson,Rechichi, Elise Rechichi won the gold medal .Nathan Wilmot ,Malcolm Page are great Australian sailors.Their pair brings a world championships in 2004 and 2005.They narrowly missed the gold in 2006.In 2006 they got a silver medal.They win 5 world titles in 470 class sailing.Wilmot’ family is a sailing family. His father and his uncle also participated in Olympics.After the world championships Malcom ,Wilmot and their coach is known as Medal maker.

10.Briony Cole,Melissa Wu (Women’s synchronized 10 metre platform diving)

Australian Olympic rookies win the silver medal for the women’s synchronized 10 meter platform diving in Beijing Olympics.Briony Cole and Melissa Wu are famous Australian divers.They also win the gold medal at the 2006 Commonwealth games.Cole has expressed her interest in trying out for the Cirque du Soleil water show after the Olympics.Wu start diving only in 2003.She wons several junior ans state titles in 2004 and 2005.She also won the 10m platform at the Australian Open diving Championships in 2006.This victory earned her a place in Commonwealth games.The Chinese were dominant from the first dive.But the Australian team fight to won the silver medal .

11.Brenton Rickard

Brenton Rickard is a great Australian swimmer .He was born in Brisbane, Australia. He collected 4 medals at 2006 Commonwealth games : gold for 4 x 100m medley relay, silver for 200m breaststroke and bronze in the 50m and 100m breaststroke. He was also a member of Australia’s gold medal winning 4 x 100m medley relay. He also won another silver medal for 200m breaststroke in Beijing Olympics with a record time 2:08:88 seconds. This event was his personal best also. He also wins several world championships also.

12.Jacqueline Lawrence

Jacqueline Lawrence has won the silver medal for the event women’s K1 slalom canoe in Beijing Olympics.Lawrence remarked it as a remarkable silver medal in Olmpics.She was born in Bonalbo, New South Wales as the daughter of a beef farmer.She went to final as a fourth member from the semi-final with a running time 103.4 seconds.But in the she took only 206.94 seconds.The gold medal winner Slovakian had a flawless final run to win with 14.3 seconds over Lawrence.She was ranked 27 th in the world.

13.Grant Hackett

Australian swimmer Grant Hackett is still performing at the highest level. He is famous for his versality.He won the men’s 1500 meters freestyle race with a gold medal in 2004 Olympics. He also received two silver medals in 2004 Olympics. He got 2 gold medals in 2000 Olympics. He was was born at South port on the Gold Coast of Queensland. He is famous for winning 1500m freestyle. In Beijing Olympics he grabbed a silver medal for the same. This achievement made him a greatest distance swimmer in the history.He also won bronze medal for 4×200 m freestyle relay in Beijing. He is trying to become the first male swimmer to win an individual Olympic event in 3 consecutive times.

14.Jessicah Schipper

Jessicah Schipper fullfills the dream that has been making for atleast 10 years. She was born in Brisbane, Queensland. She trains at the Redcliffe Leagues Lawnton club in Brisbane. She received a gold medal for 4×100 m medley relay in 2004 Olympics. She also got 4 Commonwealth gold medals. She won two bronze medals for 100m and 200m butterfly strokes in Beijing Olympics.She also received a gold medal as a member of 4×100m relay in Beijing.She captured the 200m butterfly in 2mintes and 5.40 seconds.She learned a lot from her experiences in Athens .She improved at the Commonwealth Games in 2006.

15.Hayden Stoeckel

Hayden Stoeckel is an Australian backstroke swimmer.He is a member of South Australian Norwood swimming club.He started his career as a swimmer with the with the Berri Swimming Club in South Australia.He won silver and bronze medals in Beijing Olympics.The bronze is for 100m backstroke.In this event he won his heats .He is in the seventh position to be entered in the semifinal within a time of 53.93seconds.He comes to the final with a record time of 52.97 seconds.In the final he took 53.18 seconds to won the bronze medal.Arkady Vyatchanin from Russia also share the Bronze medal.

16. Robin Bell

Australian slalom canoe, Robin Bell,was born in in Kaapstad, South Africa.He won the bronze medal for the event men’s slalom C-1 at the Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoing Park.It was the first time an Australian had won a medal since Danieelle Woodward’s silver in Barcelona in 1992.World number 3 Bell qualified seventh for the 12 man semi final at Beijing.He comes fourth in the 2004 Olympics.He was named as the Western Australian sports star of the year in 2005.It was also Australia’s second Olympic medal in the white water .Robin Bell created history in 2005 when he became the first Australian Slalom canoeist in any class to win a gold medal at a World Championship.

17.Warren Potent

Warren Potent is an Australian sport shooter.He has performed consistently.His career reaches at most height when he set a new national record of 599 points.In Sydney Olympics of this year, he is in the 9th position.Besides shooting he also enjoys fishing,ten pin bowling and reading.He lives in Sydney.Don Tolhurst is his trainer.He won a bronze medal for 50m rifle shooting in Beijing Olympics.He wons the first shooting medal for Australia.His performance in the final was superb.The Australian shooting team expect medal from Yauhleuskaya who is number 1 in her event.

18.Andrew Lauterstein

Andrew Lauterstein has been a part of the senior Telstra dolphins Australian swim team.He was an Australian swimmer.He is currently the third fastest Australian behind the Matt Welsh and Watson in both the 50m and 100m backstroke.He currently lives and trains up on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.He grabbed 2 bronze and 1 silver medal in Beijing Olympics.He won the bronze medal for 100m butterfly.He is also a member of the 4×100m freestyle relay team of Australia.The silver medal is for 4×100 meter medley relay.

19.Jared Tallent

Jared Tallent was born tough, according to his mum Kathleen .He was born in Ballarat.He is the son of a potato farmer in Ballarat. He is an Australian race walker. He finished in the 7th place in the 10000m walk in World youth championships in 2001.The 20km walk in the Commonwealth gamed he finished in the third place.In the World race walking cup he is in the 14 th place.In Beijing Olympics he won the bronze medal for 20km walk.Tallent suffered some disappointment when he was disqualified at the World Championships in Osaka in 2007.

20.Cate Campbell

Cate Campbell is a famous Australian swimmer.He was born in Malawi.Her height is 184 cm .This tallness she already has a natural height advantage over her strongest competitors and will undoubtedly grow another couple of cm by the time she’s 20.Her weight will grows but the power weight ratio remains the same.She looked very different to competitors in her lane.She wons two bronze medals in Beijing Olympics.She received a bronze medal for 50m freestyle.She was a member of the 4×100m freestyle relay.For this event she got another bronze medal.

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Great Britain is currently in third place in Beijing Olympics. Athletes from the Britain have participated in every Summer Olympic Games since 1896. The team of selected athletes are known as Team GB. In Beijing 311 competitors are participated.  In this Olympics, Britains swimmer Rebecca Adlington, cyclist Rebecca Romero and gymnast Louis Smith won historic medals. Rebecca Adlington is the first woman to win swimming gold for Great Britain since Anita Lonsbrough in 1960. Rebecca Romero made Olympic history that she became the second women to got medals in two different sports at Olympics. Louis Smith became the first British gymnast to win a medal in the individual gymnastics at the Olympic Games in 80 years. Great Britain will be the next host nation of the Summer Olympics at London in 2012. List of the athletes who grab the medals in Beijing Olympics are in the following,

1. Rebecca Adlington

Rebecca Adlington is the new swimming star of Great Britain. She brought two gold medals from the swimming pool to Britain. She started her swimming with Sherwood Colliery Swimming Club and she swims in local swimming leagues for Nottingham Leander Swimming Club. She participated in 400m, 800m freestyle swimming events and 4×200 m freestyle relay in Beijing Olympics. In 400m freestyle she broke the Commonwealth record and won a gold medal by beating Katie Hoff of the United States. She was the first woman to win swimming gold for Great Britain since Anita Lonsbrough in 1960. In 800m freestyle she broke the world record and won gold medal by defeating Alessia Filippi from Italy and Lotte Friis from Denmark.

2. Ben Ainslie

Ben Ainslie is the most successful Olympic sailor of Great Britain. He won 3 gold medals in Olympics for Brtiain. He started his sailing at the age of 4. He got many medals in championships during his sailing. He won gold medals in Laser Radial World Championship, Laser Radial European Championship, IYRU World Youth Sailing Championship etc. He won silver medal in 1996 Atlanta Olympics in the laser class. He won gold medals in 2000 Sydney, 2004 Athens and 2008 Beijing Olympics in the laser and fin class sailing. Securing these medals, he proves that he is the really sailing star of Great Britain.

3. Nicole Cooke

Nicole Cooke is a Welsh road bicycle racer. She was born in Swansea in Great Britain. She started cycling at the age of 11. She make many achievements in her cycling career. She won women’s road race in a sprint in the 2002 Commonwealth Games. She was the 2003 UCI Women’s Road World Cup champion. In 2006, she got UCI Women’s Road World Cup. Now Nicole Cooke won the gold medal for cycling in the womens road race event in Beijing 2008. It was the 200th gold medal for the Great Britain in the modern Olympic games. 66 women from 30 countries are participated in this race. The conditions of this race was very difficult due to the heavy rain. Overcoming this difficult situation at last 5 women are reach in final lap. But Cooke reached in first by defeating Emma Johanson from Sweden and Tatiana Guderzo from Italy.

4. Bradley Wiggins

Track cyclist Bradley Wiggins fulfilled all the expectations of Great Britain by winning the gold medal in the Beijing Olympics individual pursuit event in cycling. He started his cycling race at the age of 12. Before 20 years he won the bronze medal in the team pursuit in Sydney Olympics. When he was 24 years, he won 3 medals in Athens Olympics. It was a major milestone in his career as a professional cyclist. He was the first person from Britain who won three Olympic medals at a single Olympic Games for 40 years. In UCI Track Cycling World Championships in 2008, he won three gold medals for Individual Pursuit, Team Pursuit and Madison. Now he got gold medal in the 4km Individual Pursuit in Beijing 2008.

5. Chris Hoy

Scotland’s greatest track cyclist Chris Hoy is a multiple world champion and Olympics silver and gold winner. He is the holder of three Olympic gold medals and seven World Championship golds. He is also a educated sportsman. He got two Honorary Doctorates from the University of Edinburgh and Heriot Watt University in 2005. He is awarded an MBE for services to cycling in the 2005. He won gold medal in Athens Olympics in 1 km time trial. He also won silver medal in Sydney Olympics in Team sprint. Now in Beijing Olympics, he won gold medals in Keirin and Team sprint with Jason Kenny and Jamie Staff. By receiving these medals, he realised that he is faster than anyone on earth.

6. Rebecca Romero

Rebecca Romero made Olympic history that she became the second women to got medals in two different sports at Olympics. She is a silver medalist at rowing in Athens Olympic games. Now she got gold medal in Beijing Olympics in Individual pursuit in cycling. She won world championships in both sports. Due to persistent back injury, he retired from rowing and later took up track cycling. She make many progress in this cycling. She won a silver medal in the pursuit at the UCI Track World Cup event in Moscow. She won the individual and, team pursuit events in UCI Track Cycling World Championships, Manchester in 2008. Now she became first British woman who got medals in two different sports at the Olympic Games.

7. Christine Ohuruogu

The Englist sprinter Christine Ohuruogu won gold medal for Great Britain in the Women’s 400 m race in Athletics by beating Sanya Richards of the USA and Shericka Williams of Jamaica. By winning this medal she become the Britain’s first track and field Olympic champion of the 2008 Games and the first British female Olympic 400m champion. Her achievements are undefinable. She won gold medal in the 400 m at the 2006 Commonwealth Games. She missed three out of competition drugs tests in 2005 and 2006. So she was suspended for competing in the 2006 European Athletics championships. The British Olympic Association also banned her from competing at future Olympic Games for Great Britain. She appealed against her Olympic ban and it was overturned on 2007. After the ban was finished, she won gold medal in 400m and bornze medal in 400m relay in 2007 Athletics World Championships. Now she added the Olympic crown to her world title.

8. Sarah Ayton, Sarah Webb, Pippa Wilson (Sailing Team)

Britain’s favourite boating blondes Sarah Ayton, Sarah Webb and Pippa Wilson won gold medal in the Yngling sailing class in Beijing by beating Netherlands team and Greek team. They won this medal in the rough conditions of the sea. They are professional sailors of Great Britain. Sarah Ayton won gold medal in the Yngling sailling class in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, together with Shirley Robertson and Sarah Webb. Sarah Webb appeared and won BBC cookery programme Ready Steady Cook against fellow Olympic medalist Nick Rogers. Pippa Wilson is the new sailor of the Great Britain team.

9. Zac Purchase and Mark Hunter (Rowing Team)

Rowers Zac Purchase and Mark Hunter won Great Britain’s first ever lightweight Olympic rowing gold medal in Beijing Olympics by beating Greece team and world champion Denmark team. Zac Purchase is the world champion of Lightweight Single Sculls in 2006. He is the current Lightweight single sculling world record holder and runs a company developing websites. In 2007, he partnered Mark Hunter and won many medals in Compeitions. They won bronze medal at the World Rowing Championships in Munich-Oberschleissheim. Now in Beijing, they made a history by winning the gold medal. This victory was a 13th straight win for this team.

10. Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny and Jamie Staff (Cycling Team)

Golden boys Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny and Jamie Staff won gold medal in the team sprint in cycling in Beijing by defeating France team and Germany team. They break the world record in qualifying round. Scotland’s most successful Olympian Chris Hoy won three gold medals in this Olympics. He won gold medals in Sprint, Team sprint and Keirin event in cycling. He is the first British player to win three medals in a single Olympic games since Henry Taylor, in 1908. Jason Kenny is the multiple World and European Junior champion in 2006. He also won silver medal in Individual sprint in this Olympics. Jamie Staff got multiple silvers and bronzes at World Championships, and the 2006 Commonwealth Games. At last he tasted the gold medal in Beijing Olympics.

11. Tom James, Andrew Triggs-Hodge, Peter Reed and Steve Williams (Rowing Team)

Great Britain proved that it has been one of the most dominant Rowing nations in history by winning the gold medal in Rowing Men’s coxless four event. Their rowing team Tom James, Andrew Triggs-Hodge, Peter Reed and Steve Williams won the gold medal by defeating Australia and France. Tom James won many medals in championships. He won silver medal in Junior champioship. He won bronze medal in Milan and Munich championships. Andrew Triggs Hodge is double world champion in 2005 and 2006. He won bronze medal in Milan World championship. Peter Reed is a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy and twice world champion. Steve Williams is a double Olympic champion and four times World champion. He won gold medals in Athens and Beijing olympics for Coxless four event. He also won gold medals in world championship in Zagreb, Lucerne, Gifu and Eton.

12. David Florence

Bag piper David Florence proved that he can still take on the best in canoeing. He won a silver medal in the Men’s slalom C-1 at the Beijing Olympics 2008. He is the one of the British canoeing’s top slalom paddlers. He started canoeing at the age of 14. He is world cup gold medalist. He is the Britain’s first slalom canoeing medallist since Gareth Marriott won silver at Barcelona in 1992. He wanted to be a spaceman, but destiny makes him a silver medalist. Florence expressed his happiness for getting this medal by saying this medal means “everything”.

13. Emma Pooley

Great britain’s new, fresh and successful presence Emma Pooley won a silver medal in the Women’s Cycling Time Trial in Beijing. She was the former British Triathlete and a member of Cambridge Triathlon Club. She made many achievements in cycling. He won the Trofeo Alfredo Binda UCI Road World Cup event in Italy in 2008. Now she won silver medal in Beijing finishing behind American Kristin Armstrong.

14. Ross Edgar

Scottish track cyclist Ross Edgar won silver medal in the Keirin event in cycling at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He is is a former national Junior sprint and kilo champion. He made many achievements in cycling. He won a gold medal in the team sprint at the Commonwealth Games in 2002 and 2006. He won a silver medal in the team sprint and a bronze medal in the Keirin at the 2007 UCI Track World Championships. Now he won silver medal in Beijing finishing behind his own country man Chris Hoy. Edgar missed out on selection for Britain’s gold medal-winning team sprint line-up, and he admitted his silver medal had parly made up for that disappointment.

15. Wendy Houvenaghel

Ever determined and steely rider Wendy Houvenaghel won silver medal in the Individual pursuit event in cycling at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Six years ago she was a successful dentist and now she has been giving everything to making the Olympics . She has represented the United Kingdom in various World Cycling Championships and she won gold medal in the team pursuit at the 2008 Track World Championships. Now she won silver medal in Beijing finishing behind her team mate Rebecca Romero.

16. Tina Cook

Tina Cook also known as Kristina Cook won bronze medals in both the individual and team event in Equestrian at the 2008 Beijing Olympics with her horse Miner’s Frolic. She spend her flull time in Equestrian eventing when she was 16. She was really born into horses. Her father Josh Gifford was four times Champion Jockey, her mother Althea Roger-Smith was a successful international show jumper. She made many achievements in this eventing. She won Individual Bronze and Team Gold at the Junior European Championships in Dijon in 1988. She won team gold at the European Championships in Italy in 1995 and again at Luhmuhlen in 1999, she won Necarne and Le Lion D’Angers in 1996, and won at Burgie in 1999. Now she make great achievement in Beijing.

17. Joanne Jackson

Joanne Jackson is the rising swimming star of Great Britain. She won a bronze medal in 400 m freestyle at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She participated in Athens Olympics in the 400 m freestyle and 4×200 m freestyle relay. But she did not progress beyond the heats of these events. This was the biggest disappointment of her carrer. But she won two silver medals at the Commonwealth Games in 2006 and breaking the British record in the 400m and 800m Freestyle. Her policy is try our best and always be happy. There is no doubt, she become a star of Great Britain.

18. Chris Newton

Successful road and track racing cyclist Chris Newton won the bronze medal in the points race at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. His achievements in cycling are undefinable. He won silver, bronze and gold medals in the Team Pursuit in the Commonwealth Games in 1994, 2002 and 2006. He won the silver medal in the Team Pursuit at the Athens Olympic games and won the bronze medal in the Team Pursuit at the Sydney Olympics. He has also been World Champion twice. In Beijing, Newton storms to bronze behind Joan Llanares of Spain and Roger Kluge of Germany.

19. Steven Burke

Steven Burke is the new cycist of Great Britain. In his first Olympics in Beijing, he won bronze medal in Individual pursuit. He was born into a cycling family. His mother riding for Britain team. He started cycling at the age of 14. He was really inspired by the performance of Jason Queally in Sydney Olympics, then he seriously turn into cycling. He won gold in team pursuit in 2008 World Cup in Copenhagen, Denmark. There is no doubt, he become a star of Great Britain.

20. Louis Smith

Teenage gymnast Louis Smith won historic bonze medal for Great Britain in the Men’s pommel horse event in Gymnastics in Beijing Olympics. By winning this medal he became the first British gymnast to win a medal in the individual gymnastics at the Olympic Games in 80 years. He is the first black man to win a medal in an Olympic Gymnastics competition. He was the Commonwealth Champion in 2006. He won bronze medal in 2007 World Championships in Stuttgart. He started gymnastics at the age of 4 and quickly progressed at the Pommel Horse event, which has become his most successful event.

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From the current status United States of America (USA) leads in Beijing Olympics 2008. Many records have been born in many events for USA in this Olympics. They also created an history in Olympics by winning 8 individual gold by a single person thereby editing all the previous record. USA is strong in all fields whether it is in tracks or indoor. Lets check out the top 10 medalist from USA of this Beijing Olympics 2008.

1. Michael Phelps

Micheal Phelps is the newest phenomenon in the world of Olympics and swimming. He collected 8 gold medals in a single Olympics and created history in that. He has set many records with his gold medals. Phelps played a major role for boosting up the points for America. He became one the greatest individual swimmer in Beijing Olympics. He started swimming at the age of 9 and at the age of 10 he set a record of that age group. This 23 year old boy’s career is filled with many medals and honor and had set many records by his name. American president George Bush personally expressed his feelings and gratitude towards him in Beijing. His physique is one of the major factor that he can drool in water. His height is 6′4 and his wing span is very large compared to other swimmers. His feet size is 14 and can easily swim and reach a good distance when compared to others. He was three times USA swimmer of the year and owns 29 US national titles. He gave up his college eligibility at 16 to turn professional. He was the youngest American male swimmer. He collects 5 million dollars for his endorsements yearly and 1 million dollar from his endorsement speedo, a swimming gadget.

2. Aaron Peirsol

Aaron is one of the best swimmer from USA other than Phelps. He is the current world record holder for the 100m and 200m backstroke and the 4×100 medley relay. His fortune and good luck was at the last Olympics at Athens when he was the triple gold medalist when he set monopoly over all the backstroke events and one for 4×100 medley relay. He started swimming at the earlier age and won silver for 200m backstroke at the Sydney Olympics when he was 17 years old. At the age of 15, he was the youngest American to swim the 200metre backstroke under 2 minutes. This backstroke specialist has collected many medals and cash prizes.

3. Serena Williams and Venus Williams

These sister are the duo that sets history in the world of tennis. These sisters are ranked No:1 and No:2. Their ranking may vary each year but its for sure that the top two positions will be of Williams sisters. They won gold for this Olympics for doubles. They are ranked 1st for Womens Doubles. They both are attacking in nature in serve and have a good co-ordination in their play. Serena has won eight Grand slams singles titles and two Olympic gold medals in women’s doubles. For Venus she has won 16 Grand Slam titles that is 7 in singles and 7 in doubles and 2 in mixed doubles. She has won three Olympic gold medals in both singles and womens doubles events. She has won 2 gold in 2000 Olympics for singles and doubles and gold for 2008 Olympics for doubles.

4 . Nastia Liukin

Nastia is the Gymnast that USA could ever had for this Olympics. She is Russian- American gymnast. Her parents are two former gymnast . She molded her earlier career and grasped the tutorials from her parents. She was only two when her parents migrated from Moscow to USA and became US citizens. Nastias parents coached her through her early career and she began to compete at the age of 6. She reached the elite level at the age of twelve and had set many records at the junior events. She remained undefeated as a junior competitor from 2003 to the beginning of 2005. In 2005, at the US Classic, she became the first US gymnast to attempt a quadruple twist on floor exercise, and she finished the 2005 season with her first senior National title. For this summer Olympics 2008 she has won silver in womens Uneven Bars and one bronze for womens floor exercise as individuals medals. She won team silver for the womens team for Gymnastic.

5. Natalie Coughlin

Natalie is one of the best swimmer that America could ever had. She is one of the most versatile swimmer in the Olympic history. She is one of the athlete that boosted up her career in a short span of time. She began swimming at the age of 6 and had set many records in her high school events that still stands today. At 1999 she suffered a major drawback in her life. She underwent one minor shoulder injury. She was disqulaified in 2000 Olympics and it made her to fightback in full strength. She found very difficult for training and managed to set back into swimming by physical therapy. Natalie Coughlin is the golden child of the Daily Californian sports section. She stands first in womens 100m backstroke. When the 2004 Olympics came to a close, Natalie had won 2 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze medals at the games on her way to becoming the third American woman to win five at one meet. Natalie won gold in Beijing Olympics 2008 for this event. She also won two silver medals for 4×100 m Freestyle Relay and 4×100 m Medley Relay respectively. Her medal hunt didn’t stopped by this. She won three bronze for the events 200 m Individual Medley,4×200 m Freestyle Relay,100 m Freestyle.

6. Rebecca Soni

Rebecca is one of the top breast strokers in her country and the member of the US national team. Before swimming she was very much interested in Gymnastics and later she changed her career into swimming. This Summer Olympics turned out to be one of the good days for Rebecca. She won one gold for 200m breast stroke and two silver for 100m breast stroke and 4×100m medley relay. She practices 6 days a week and swims around 3 to4 hours a days. She is very much dedicated to swimming and has received many awards for her performance. She set a new world record in 200m breast stroke at a time of 2 : 20.22 . She underwent one minor heart surgery in the summer prior to the 2006-07 season . This made to limit her practice by hours and she manage herself to practice. Her dedication and hardwork payed her a lot. She is the one who represented United States in 100m breast stroke in this summer Olympics 2008.

7. Katie Hoff

Katie is one of the specialist American swimmer in 200m and 400m. But for this summer Olympics she won one silver for 400m freestyle and two bronze for 400m individual medley and 4×200m freestyle relay. Katie had set many records in her name in swimming. She holds the American record in the 200 meter individual medley at the time of 2:09.71. She holds her career best World record in the 400m individual medley with a time of 4:31.12 at the 2008 U.S swim trials. Katie represented her country for this Summer Olympics events. Reaching china for this Olympics she accompanied Micheal Phelps for training of the upcoming talents.

8. Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson is one of the Artistic Gymnast from America. She is been represented as one of the successor of United States’ first female all-around world champion gymnast, Kim Zmeskal. She started Gymnastics at the age of 5 . She is very rare for a gymnast of her caliber and age. She doesn’t train for hours and does 20 - 25 hrs a week. She is graded by “A” rank in her academics and participates in other activities also. She is 19 years of age now and her height is 4 feet 9 inches. She does a strict diet control and takes less fat foods does not weigh herself regularly. Shawn trains under coaches Liang Qiao (Chow) and Liwen Zhuang (Li) in West Des Moines, Iowa at Chow’s Gymnastics.

9. Walter Dix

Walter Dix is one of the top sprinter of America. He has very much caliber in his events and practices very hard to improve a single second to attain his best and to improve it. At the age of 22 he qualified for the USA roster team for this summer Olympics. He was qualified for both the events 100m and 200m. This year proved to be one of the most challenging one for Walter because of his hamstring injury. He worked very hard to overcome that injury. For this summer Olympics he was placed third for 100m and 200m and won Bronze medal. His height is 5′7″ and managed to be in the third position with his short steps comparing with the winner Ussain bolt which is 6feet 4 inches.

10. Anna Tunnicliffe

Anna Tunnicliffe is the only sailor that participated individually for America. Her event was Womens Laser Radial class. She began to sail with her parents yacht when she was a child. At the age of 9 she started to sail Optimists.Till that time she was not at all serious about racing. It was at the age of 12 when her parents joined in the North Cape Yacht Club and she was signed up for the racing program in Optimists. It was from that moment that sailing event became professional and she became serious in that by enjoying racing. Then she decided that she would sail Lasers for her last year of youth sailing. And from that she began to concentrate in Laser radial and became expert in that event. For this summer Olympics 2008 she top ranked in Womens Laser Radial class by winning gold.

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This Olympics was one of the biggest event that India could ever had. An achievement in Shooting has changed the status of India into a great level. Till date as Olympics has not finished yet India acquired one individual gold that is very much important to India. After a span of 30 years, Indian national Anthem have been heard in this Summer Olympics 2008. India had sent many participants for the Olympics in various fields. Lets check out the Olympic medal achievers from India.

1. Abhinav Bindra

He is the man who raised the pride of India. He won gold in 10m Air rifle thereby ending the decade’s long hunger of an individual gold for India. He is from Chandigarh and from an affluent Sikh family. He is very much educated, he holds a BBA degree. He is the current CEO of his highly reputed company Abhinav Futuristic, a PC games peripherals distributor based in Chandigarh. He is very much indulged and a hard worker for shooting from his earlier ages. He used to practice for 12 to 14 hrs a day in the shooting range. His hard work and dedication paid him many awards and a big one that changed his life i.e. Olympic award in 2008. By that he became the brightest young star in the new breed of shooters. His medal hunt started at the age of 15 in commonwealth games in 1998. He was the youngest participant in that game. He received Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna and Arjuna awards for his performance. Thus he became the first Indian to score an individual gold at the Olympics after 28 years, since the mens Hockey team won the gold at the 1980 Moscow Olympics. All the state governments of India announced their gratitude and rewards for Abhinav.

2. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore

He was the first Indian shooter to achieve a medal for India after independence. He was a Lieutenant colonel by his profession in army. He is an eminent shooter who bagged the first individual silver medal for India. His event was Men’s Double Trap shooting. He bagged silver for his event at the summer Olympics of 2004 in Athens. He represented India at this Olympics 2008. But this Olympics 2008 at Beijing proved to be an unlucky event for Rathore being disqualified. After his achievement in Athens the luck became his part when he participated in men’s double trap at the Asian Clay shooting championships. He has also performed in many events and has raised the pride and honor of India. The country had honored him with the Ati Vishisht Seva Medal (AVSM). He holds another record that he is the first officer from the Indian army who has been awarded the AVSM in spite of not holding a brigadier rank. The awards and honors haven’t been halted, he was awarded Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna and Arjuna award which is a dream come true awards for every Indian. He was also honored with Padma Shri by the government of India.

3. Khashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav

Jadhav was the first Indian to won Bronze medal he won the wrestling bronze medal at the 1952 Helsinki Games. Earlier he has bagged 6th place in the 1948 London Olympics for the event freestyle and flyweight. Before him India had only won medals for Hockey only which was not and individual sport. He was from a wrestling family and was able to grab all the primary lessons from his father Dadasaheb jadhav. After his achievement in Olympics he was placed in Police department. There were many events conducted for his warm welcome after the achievement. His villagers welcomed him by 151 bullock carts to his village which was an unforgettable incident in his life. There was a rumor that the government hasn’t considered him after his achievements. He hasn’t received any honor for his performance. The legend died in a miserable road accident at 1984.

4. Karnam Malleshwari

Malleshwari is a sportswoman from Andhrapradhesh. She holds the record that the first Indian women to achieve an award for India. She achieved a bronze medal in Sydney Olympics, 2000 in the 69kg weightlifting category. At her earlier age she began to practice for the weightlifting in a gymnasium nearby her home. Her sister is also a weight lifter in national level. She got a good support from her family and above all she reminds her coach Leonid Taranennnko, who was a renowned weightlifter. She was trained under a games project of the Sports Authority of India (SAI) for special areas. She started her Weightlifting career at that time and improved day by day and was included in the national camp and four years later she won the World Championship in the 54kg class. She received Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna which is the highest appreciation of any sports people. She was honored with Padma Shri at 1999 and Arjuna award at 94-95. She married a weightlifter named Rajesh Tyagi.

5. Leander Paes

Paes is one of the living legends in Tennis. He created history in the field of Indian tennis. He won bronze medal in Mens single competition at 1996 Atlanta Olympics in USA. Paes is from a sports based family and struggled a lot in his earlier days. His father represented Indian Hockey team for Olympics at Munich in 1972. His mother was a national basket ball player. At the Davis cup it was an era for Tennis that Paes defeating all the top ranked players. He has been the flag bearer for a long time for India. India set a record for the Mens double tennis with Paes and Bhupathi were in the field. They succeeded all through their ways getting many awards. After some years there was a split between them which Indians consider as one of the major blow in tennis. In this Olympics 2008, Paes and Bhupathi rejoined but they fail to create any old impact. They lost in quarter finals with Roger Federer.

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Karnataka , the state of IT industry is also better in the field of sports. It is one of the state that consists of legends of cricket. Karnataka government supports a lot for the sports. There are many stadiums and grounds and they provides it for practice everyday at no cost. Naturally it casted many players from various sports in Karnataka. Some of the popular sportswomen from Karnataka have been listed below.

1. Ashwini Nachappa

Ashwini was one of the most renowned sportswomen from Karnataka. She is responsible for adding more colors to the Indian events in Olympics. The glamour girl of Indian athletics has donned many roles. As Olympian athlete, Tollywood actress, social worker and educationist, Ashwini Nachappa has played the game of life with great versatility. She is represented as the Glory girl of India. She was very famous in tracks and to opponents also. Her 1988 performance bagged an Arjuna Award for her. There are many glorious moments in her life that she admires. One was that when she gold for her state and the chief minister rewarded her Rs 1000 for her performance. She is well known for her performance in her field. Her popularity and her glamour outlook made many film people to backup for a date. After retiring from sports she accepted them and is widely been into movies. She became one of the busiest actor in the South Tollywood film industry. She was one of the most successful national athletes that qualified for the Seol Olympics in 1988. After her retirement also she is indulged in sports by opening training school for the upcoming talents.

2. J.J Shobha

Shobha is one of the most experienced and professional female athlete from Karnataka. She is very much into her sport Heptathlon and was the winner of the event at the inaugural Afro Asian games in 2003. She had set a record for her personal best in heptathlon of 6211 points which was a national record. She was well noted for her performance at the 2004 Olympic games in Athens. She completed the seven discipline heptathlon and by her unlucky she was injured in the penultimate event of Javelin throw. She was given first aid and rushed to hospital for the further treatment. when she returned there was a tightly strapped left ankle. She managed to proceed with that injury. Her hard work and determination paid her that she finished third in the final event of 800m and 11th overall with 6172 points. She was honored with Arjuna award for her courageous performance in the year 2004.

3. Nisha Millet

She is one of the professional swimmer from Karnataka. She was the only woman in the 2000 Sydney Olympics swim team for India. She started her swimming career at the age of 9 and it lasted for 15 years. She is one of the highest medal achiever in the state of Karnataka. She feels swimming is a “life-saving’” sport. With that swimming has certainly given ace sportswoman, Nisha Millet, Olympian and Arjuna Award-winner, her passport to fame. She has won more than 600 gold medals at different events representing her state, National and International meets. She was the first Indian to qualify for swimming at the Sydney Olympics 2000. She represented India at the world swimming championships at 1998 and 2004. She bagged medals at the Asian Age SAF games and Afro-Asian games at 2003. She has one more record that she is the only Indian Athlete to win 14 gold medals at the National games 1999. After her retirement also she is indulged in sports by opening training school for the upcoming talents. She started a swimming school for the kids and all ages. She has trained over 4000 swimmers of all ages at a variety of learn to swim camps in some of the most prestigious clubs in Bangalore.

4. Vandana Rao

She was one of the sprinter that had a same position in athletics with Shiny Wilson and P.T Usha.

5. Reshma Millet

(Nisha Millet and Reshma Millet)

She is the sister of swimming legend Nisha Millet. She started at the age of 11. She got major innovation from her sister and it was very easy for her to know about the basics of swimming. Her favourite stle of swimming and she specialises in freestyle. She is at her very earlier age in swimming and she is struggling very hard to co ordinate her studies with events. She finds time to study whenever she is in tour. Her major and first achievement is when she got gold medal at Hyderabad in ‘98 in 50 meters.

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